Thursday, March 26, 2020

5 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Do

Bored? Are you looking for something to do inside the four corner of your house? Then maybe you have to do this for a change.

  1. Delete and unsubscribe to unimportant emails- maybe your inbox has already a thousand of email that you didn't bother to open for years. Or a spam of  emails that doesn't interest you. This is the best time to unsubscribe and delete those pile of emails.
  2. Write down and save all your password in a notebook - I know some people saving their password on phone. But I think it's much safer if you have hard copy too in case your computer or mobile phone can't be access.
  3. Read books from different Genre - Not into Rom-com? Why not try to read for a change. Sometimes we didn't know we enjoyed reading it without giving it a try.
  4. Re-arrange your bedroom- Have you ever sleep right next to the window for the past three years? Why not change the position of bed and furniture in your room it's not only practical but also therapeutics since you will see what to improved once you organize the clutter.
  5. Watch Documentaries- Documentaries are eye opener and has inspirational value.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Flower Power

My mom turn 60 last month and I decided to give her a bouquet and while browsing at the net I found they have a lot of flowers to choose from and it's affordable. I'm not really fond of bouquet but upon seeing the bouquet delivered I can't help but to mesmerize to it's beauty. That's why I requested to my husband to buy me the preserved flower.

I might say that the bouquet is much better than the preserved flower. As you can see at the photo the preserved flower lost it's one studs I even look after it in between roses but I can't find it. Overall, I can say it's a good surprise for the one you love even there's no celebration.

Where to order?

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

How to Set an Appoinment to SSS online?

Yes, you read it right. You can now set an appointment to SSS online. I made it twice because on my first appointment I lack some documents. And this is really helpful for anyone who don't want to queue in line for hours. 

1.First you must register in SSS online and open the My.SSS Beta, you can see that at the lower part of log-in page

2. Click Electronics Services

3. Then Click Branch Appointment

SSS Branch Appointment

4. Click the drop down menu for 'Select Appointment Purpose', then Region and Servicing Branches.

5. Select a date and time then click  submit. Wait for the confirmation email and then print. (The info desk suggest that I should print the confirmation email.) Also make sure to double check time and Servicing branch to avoid mistake.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Tokyo Snippets (June 2018)

This was a super late blog entry but I would like to show you guys some snippets in our second out of the country trip and this time in Tokyo, Japan! It's Memorable because we had some minor mishaps! But I think lesson learned. Anyway this trip happened last year June 2018.

We visit some off beaten spot around Tokyo and only spend 4 days and 3 nights. Here's the list of place we visit.

● Shibuya Crossing
● Hachiko Statue (sad we didn't have photo)
● Gotokuji Temple
● Setagaya Hachiman Shrine
● Futako Tamagawa Rise
● Tama River
● Shinjuku Station
● Tokyo Disneyland
● Naka-meguro
● Yutenji Station

Departing MNL

Arriving in Tokyo

(Gotokuji Temple)

Gotokuji temple map

(Setagaya Hachiman Shrine)  

Shibuya Crossings
(wasn't able to take photo with Hachicko :( But we saw him)

Tokyo Disneyland

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Boracay Haven Suites (November 2017)

My husband and I celebrated our 2nd wedding Anniversary in Boracay. And looking for hotel to stay is overwhelming.

I'm glad that we found Boracay Haven Suite. It's not a beach front hotel as you have to walk 5 minutes to the beach front.

I booked directly to their hotel website

I just found out that there are two Boracay Haven Hotel the other one is Boracay Haven Resort which is situated in Station 2. We stay in Boracay Haven Suites, their address is Station 1 but actually it's a boundary between station 1 and 2.

We avail their November promo which is 40% of their regular rates. We stay 3 days and 2 night (PHP7,300) all in. According to the confirmation letter we got this in the package.
  • Use of pool and beach front
  • Free wifi
  • Welcomed Drinks
  • Complimentary Snacks and drinks ( in the room)
  • Turn down service
  • Use of on-site Sauna

We didn't receive a welcome drinks, we didn't use the on-site sauna . And about the turn down service a hotel staff knock on our room and said 'turn down service' but we are resting during that time.

Anyway upon reaching the hotel via Van that we avail through Klook (which is not recommended)

We were welcomed by the hotel staff and I thought we can rest right away. But the front desk said that the check-in time is 2:00 PM I know it's a protocol but we reached the place at 8:00 AM and we have a baby. I thought they will allow us to check in like we have experienced in Costa Pacifica Baler, but oh well... each hotel has their own rules and maybe the hotel is fullybooked that time. But I suggest that some hotel must be considerate for those people who will arrive early like us.

(Snack Bar)

Overall, we had a great stay and we enjoy Boracay.