Sunday, October 2, 2022

KONSULTAMD (Mental Health Support)

 I just want to share where I consult whenever my anxiety attack or if I just want someone to listen to me aside from my husband since I don't  want him to burden with my problem and worries though I share my problem to him I don't want to it frequently.

(Photo from KONSULTAMD Facebook)

(Photo from KONSULTAMD Facebook)

Good thing Konsulta MD has a chat option for Mental Health Consultation it was a big help. Konsulta MD is my go to everytime I need medical consultation. They offer package so check it out and download the app.

The only downside is if you want  a reply asap  it will takes a minute there's a 10 min interval in chat maybe avail the video consultation option so you can have the conversation with the psychologist right away. If you are like me that prefer a chat then this one is good for you since not all people is comfortable even in video call I remember my other session with another provider I put in the remarks that I prefer a chat but the psychologist insist that I should show my face so even I don't want to I don't have a choice. The psychologist speak in english even I speak in filipino she answer me in english I begin to felt awkard because I can express myself freely if I speak in filipino.

That's why even they email me for the second session I decided to end it.

For more information about Konsulta MD visit their official fanpage in facebook or download the app in Google Play or Apple Play store.

Friday, September 30, 2022

Quick Recap

 I can't believe how fast time flies. Many things happen for the past month there are times that I can manage my anxiety but most of the time I over think and end up panic because I feel overwhelmed. I consult a psychologist and they always told me to start Journaling (different psychologist with same advice)

So I decided to post my recap this 2022 in this blog. It's been a year since I last post here.


My husband and I decided to take TDC (Theoritical Driving Course) it's one of the requirements by LTO before you get your Driver's license 


Practical Driving Course (PDC) after finishing TDC I enrolled again in driving school for PDC this time. I'm already done for this course. I can still remember my first time I drove a car it's really exciting but at the same I'm nervous because I don't  want to make some mistakes anyway I drive Manual Transmission car. 

I also got sick after my practical driving. We suspecting that I got this while I'm practicing driving because this is the only time that I go out everyday. Good thing I only have to be quarantined for 7  days unlike last year we have to be Isolated for 14 days. Below is the food that my husband cook for me and the result from my antigen test.

And after so many years we updated T vaccines. He's already 6 years old and it's not too late. I also got new specs! This is my first time to wear and I'm glad it's compliment my face shape

And that's all for now. This is just a quick recap.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Ataalaya Farmhouse


Last December 2021 my family stayed in Ataalaya Farmhouse for overnight. The place is breathtaking and serene. My brother booked this place via airbnb. 

The Ataalaya is like a retreat place this is our first out of trip since pandemic started. Ataalaya also cater as a venue for private event I even saw in other blog that some use their place as a ceremony venue for small gathering. Not surprising because the place is really beautiful.

Ataalaya Farm is Located in Alitagtag, Lipa Batangas. 3 hours ride from Quezon City. They served sumptuous and delicious breakfast, the care takers is on stand by so you can ask them for help anytime except at night.

Friday, January 1, 2021


 May this year bring peace of mind and more blessings! Happy New Year! ✨🎆🥂

2021 Media Noche

Saturday, December 19, 2020

50k PHP worth Church Wedding (No Entourage)

Is 50k budget for wedding is possible? Yes, we did. The first plan was to have a civil wedding but I got an idea from some wedding forums that there's a wedding rites for catholic wedding where you can have a church wedding without entourage just ceremony itself.

Just to give you a little background when my husband and I decided to have a simple wedding we pencil booked our chosen dates in Manila Cathedral. Since Manila Cathedral offer wedding rites for just 5k but it will not be held in main altar. It is okay for us since we only have few guest but unfortunately we missed the seminar because we have work during that time and they notify us a day before so we let go Manila Cathedral and booked in Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in MBS,Caloocan City. I was baptized in this church together with my siblings so I can say that it was close to my heart another reason is they offer wedding rites ceremony since not all parish doing this. I tried to inquire in other church but they just offer complete package. So, I suggest you to look at your local parish near your place they might be offering wedding rites.

Another thing is we only have 20 guest that's include the photographer and his assistant. We don't have a program after the ceremony we go straight to the venue just to eat. So it really up to you and your husband to be if you want this kind of wedding after all it all boils down to what you really want and what suit your personality.

Below is the complete list of expenses we had.


Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, MBS, Caloocan City

Provenciano Restaurant

Wedding Cake sponsored by my Brother


Wedding Expenses in Philippine pesos:

Church- 3000
Nso- 200 each
Cenomar - 215 each
Baptismal A- 100
                    I- 50
Kumpil- 600 each (1200)
Marriage license- 1500
Dress 2200
Polo- 900
Ring- 2550
Provenciano restaurant-15000
Photo- 5000
Dress- 1995
Cocoon hotel- 6300
Van- 3000
Tin can w/ bag- 998
Chocolate- 369
Candy- 105
Curling iron- 700
Shoes- 400
Bouquet- 550
Earrings- 395
TheSpa- 4895

Total: 52,777