Saturday, November 3, 2012

Posh Nail Hand & Foot Spa Experience

It was a nice long weekend when b and i decided to go to Posh Nail Hand and Foot Spa at SM North Edsa Annex,we availed their DRY FOOT PEDICURE designed for very tired, aching feet which include foot spa, soak, spa, scrub,massage (10 min.), pedicure, paraffin dip (20 min.) cost 750 Php.

this time b really enjoy the foot spa, i even like the interior which is very cozy :) i highly recommend this place it's not crowded and you don't have to wait outside just to be served they even have a wide range of nail polish to choose.

 Cozy Sofa


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hotel Dominique (Tagaytay City)

As i celebrate my 25th Birthday we choose to celebrate it in Tagaytay, we booked Superior room at Hotel Dominique through It's nice that the Hotel Staff are so friendly and promptly replies to all our inquiries.

I love the Hotel Interior and Exterior below are the photos taken inside.

Queen size bed

Complimentary bottled water & coffee.


rose petals was part of my surprise to b :)

Our Complimentary Breakfast

Hotel Dominique is not a Taal-over looking hotel, but accessible to the main area of tagaytay. We rate this Hotel 10 out of 10, we really love their service and looking forward to booked them again.

Hotel Dominique

Km. 55 Aguinaldo Hi-way, Brgy. Maitim II East, Tagaytay City, Philippines 4120

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sonya's Garden Spa

There's was buzz how beautiful Sonya's Garden is, and is indeed true the place was very romantic and has a homey feeling ,situated at alfonso cavite which is still part of tagaytay take a tricycle cab that will takes 15 min rides from the terminal,

Our Massage experience here is not nice and were not going to back here again. We arrived at sonya's garden around 6:50 pm since we stroll around tagaytay, the receptionist was so nice greet us warmly with a smile. told her that we want to avail the Sonya's Signature Spa which is cost 1,800 because we want a couples room, the therapist which name is luz smirk and look uninterested to us, i feel awkward that time when we follow her to the room which is not a couples room since there's a three bed inside, she's just put the sarong and short and never told us what to do next, she's just walk out the room, b and i take a short shower when we went out and she's back she told us ''ano? mam sir? simula na po tayo'' and i told her to wait and then she smirk again she want all things to be in hurry maybe she's tired but i think it's not an excused to treat us that way.

she even told me to wear my slipper right away, she bring a 2 towel and one short but i wear a short then she laughed because the shorts was supposed to be for my bf Merilyn who's also a massage therapist was laughing also anyway we availed their Sonya's signature massage and add 100 for a couples room. Instead of being relax i was angry and dissapointed for the entire session. And they even had thick face to ask a TIP my dear if you don't want your job then resigned i really don't know why they look uninterested it is because my bf and i was their last customers. I love their Garden it's relaxing and romantic but i wouldn't recommend their spa. I feel sorry to the owner who has this kind of employee.

The Tea after the massage.
I still smile :)
(it's because i'm with my bf and i don't want ruin my birthday celebration)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

9.30.2012 Run for the Pasig River

Last September 30, 2012 (Sunday) b and i joined the Run for the Pasig River it was our first fun run, we wake up as early as 3:00am imagine that. The Gun start (siren) start at 5:50 if i not mistaken at first we just walk while other run so fast (they drain their energy anyway).

why we joined Run for the Pasig River it  is because it was part of our bucket list and since Run for the Pasig River Advocacy is to Rehabilitate esteros and we share the same sentiments too since we want Pasig River to Rehabilitate. We are thankful that our First Run was memorable (we walk and run anyway) were looking forward for next year 2013 Run for the Pasig River.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Zip and Zap 1st Birthday

Call me crazy but we celebrated  Zip and Zap 1st Birthday Party and at the same time my thanks giving party after my 5 days confinement in the hospital i love the preparation it's like preparing a birthday for your kids. :) we choose Angry Bird Theme because their cake is angry bird and the rest follow.

A for Angry Cakes by Goldilocks

Zap love party but it seems that Zip is not comfortable.

Whiskas their all time Favorite

Our Menu:

Angry Bird Cake by Goldilocks
Rellenong Bangus
Puto with Butter by Goldilocks
Leche Plan
Angry Bird Sunkist Juice

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Systemic Viral Illness

I have been confined for five days at Novaliches General Hospital last August, at first i was diagnosed Dengue fever stage 1 then later on after another test the doctor said that my platelet count was normal so they performed the test again but now it's for determining whether it's a typhoid fever but again the result was negative. The final diagnosed was Systemic Viral Illness or Influenza but the symptoms that i experience was far difference.
what i hate is the doctor diagnosed me dengue fever then later on telling us that it's not dengue since my platelet count was normal. I was wtf?? it's like "hindi pala dengue kasi ok naman platelet count mo" so they were unsure what my illness is anyway i know they just based their diagnosis through laboratory test. and they just given me Paracetamol for 2 days and my temperature didn't change from 39C to 40C and i was complaining for headache and i vomit every minute if i didn't said that " wala po bang gamot para sa suka masakit na lalamunan ko kakasuka", then the nurse give me metoclopramide and KCL (since they said that my potassium level was too low because i vomit), omeprazole was also injected to me.

Good thing my fever went back to normal, and i decided to home and recover there. though the doctor want me to stay there for one day but i refuse. anyway another reason why i want to go home is i can't sleep on that hospital.

I will continue my post later. :)

my hand

my room

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Farewell Multiply

Farewell multiply thanks for the past 8 years, i didn't see it coming even though you change from social network into a online selling site until now i still upload some of my photos and keep it all, though i know i could backup all of the photos and can even upload it to my facebook account but i still choose you it will be painstaking to me to download all of the photos. You remind me of friendster, i hope that it would not happen to facebook, well change is the only constant thing in this world.Until next time Multiply!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Unplanned Overnight at Tagaytay

Actually our plan is to have a day tour in tagaytay, unfortunately because of heavy rains and it was 4:30 when we arrived in olivarez, our first stop was picnic grove but it was foggy and slippery and the picnic grove will close at 5:00 , after the quick stroll we walk along calamba road highway to look for a budget lodging house, until we found this 5r Rooms for Rent we got their standard fan room for 1000 pesos which is already cheap since all the hotels around the area are fully booked.


Still smiling.

They doesn't have a restaurant so we called Jollibee for food deliver. the room was clean it has a veranda but the veranda is a common area where in the other guest can cross to our room if the room was not lock. They have wi-fi but it can't reach our room, another thing their shower doesn't have a hot or cold options so borrow the generic dipping heater.

We will definitely back in tagaytay but better to booked advanced in a Cozy posh hotel for better experience. our rating for this hotel is 6 out of 10.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nature's way Aromatheraphy Spa

Yesterday was another great day! (Aug 5) as we experience Royal Traditional Couple Spa at Nature's Way Aromatherapy Spa we avail their Traditional Couple Spa for 1,200 pesos package include

  • steam bath
  • VIP room
  • shiatsu or Swedish massage
  • coffee or tea

I find the massage very relaxing but you can hear another people on the other side since it was just a divider. you can even hear their employee laughing out loud outside the hallway that's why our masseuse keep on warning them. after the massage they advise us to relax for 10 minutes they didn't offer a coffee or tea which is included in the package, we did not remind them since i think it's their obligation to offer that to us. over all my rate is 7out of 10.


(happy after the Massage)

2nd Level
Health & Wellness Zone,
Main Building near Cinema,
SM City Fairview,
Regalado Ave. Fairview,
Quezon City
Tel. No 417-4474

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nail-a-holics experience

As we search for a good foot spa salon we visit Nail a holics spa at SM City Fairview and we tried their Huntington beach therapeutic foot reflexology it's 360 pesos for 45 minutes we even added another 300 pesos for foot spa since the receptionist suggest the foot spa but nothing spectacular in this foot reflexology and i find it expensive :( foot spa with no pedicure for 300 pesos??, i even saw the sign near the entrance area that they have free back and foot massage if you avail a 500 worth of service from them and we even spend almost 600 pesos but their therapist didn't even offer that to us sigh.., b, didn't even enjoy the massage since the therapist exert too much pressure even we asked her to lessen it. Nail-a-holics spa has a nice ambiance and interior but we are after in the "service" afterall better luck next time until next Foot Spa salon hunting.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Body Tune Traditonal Thai Massage

I want to share my first experience in Body massage together with b, I've been fascinated about massage and i heard lot's of good benefits of it, that's why when i saw Body Tune Traditional Thai Massage in SM Fairview i didn't hesitate and i told b to give it a try, the receptionist are accommodating and she answer all our question she even told us that the couple room are subject to availability, but then she confirm from a massage therapist that the couple's room are available. We choose Swedish Massage i don't know what's the difference between Swedish and Shiatsu i know the receptionist explain it to us but i almost forgot :) anyway i don't care since it was our first time to try Body Massage.

The Massage therapist escorted us to sauna, and yes this is also my first to experienced the sauna 'thingy' it last for 15 minutes b, cannot endure the heat coming from the hot stone:) it's suffocating according to him after that we take a shower i don't know if it's right to have a shower after sauna. they gave us the toiletries and then voila! after the shower the massage started.

The Couple's Room are small actually it was divided nothing specially in a room it was dim light and has a small locker in a corner, as for the massage since it was our first time i can't compare it with other but massage is relaxing they even asked us if the pressure is okay the oils are not sticky, after that they offer a tea or coffee together with an envelope with their name we gave them a reasonable tip :)

(hagardo versoza ang peg!)

I rate them 9 out of 10 :) like what i said to b if all personnel are accommodating and the massage is okay then we will back to them.

Body Tune Traditional Thai Massage
SM Fairview 4th floor

Friday, July 6, 2012

City Buffet

Another nomnom treat day! with b and i at City Buffet SM City Fairview.

I love City Buffet Interior classy and warming even their crew.
 i love the set of food (Filipino Cuisine, Japanese Cuisine,and Korean Cuisine) i just can't get enough and i want go back here with my family. below are some of my snapshots inside city buffet.

(Fancy Chandelier)

 ( Desserts)


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mooon Cafe

Mooon Cafe was a Mexican Restaurant with friendly and accommodating crew and a nice ambiance which is very mexican :)

(Vegetable Pizza)

I love how they accommodate people the food was great we just order for snacks since we don't want a heavy meal. I love the smoothie and the nachos even their pasta (spaghetti ala moon).