Monday, May 4, 2020

How Are You?

It's been almost two month since Community quarantine started, well, my daily activities doesn't really change from what I do everyday except for the fact the we are complete here in the house together with my husband who now work from home from the mean time. I just noticed that we eat a lot and consumed more foods from the usual day.

Also reading newsfeed in social media is really draining and just giving me anxiety so as much as possible I refrain reading news I just watch news for few minutes then do something else like readintg story in wattpad, playing with my kid and husband or watch random videos in YouTube.

I just hope that this pandemic will end soon since many families are affected specially those people who depends in daily wages. I also hope that you also doing fine. Stay at home and keep safe.

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

5 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Do

Bored? Are you looking for something to do inside the four corner of your house? Then maybe you have to do this for a change.

  1. Delete and unsubscribe to unimportant emails- maybe your inbox has already a thousand of email that you didn't bother to open for years. Or a spam of  emails that doesn't interest you. This is the best time to unsubscribe and delete those pile of emails.
  2. Write down and save all your password in a notebook - I know some people saving their password on phone. But I think it's much safer if you have hard copy too in case your computer or mobile phone can't be access.
  3. Read books from different Genre - Not into Rom-com? Why not try to read for a change. Sometimes we didn't know we enjoyed reading it without giving it a try.
  4. Re-arrange your bedroom- Have you ever sleep right next to the window for the past three years? Why not change the position of bed and furniture in your room it's not only practical but also therapeutics since you will see what to improved once you organize the clutter.
  5. Watch Documentaries- Documentaries are eye opener and has inspirational value.