Saturday, December 19, 2020

50k PHP worth Church Wedding (No Entourage)

Is it possible to have a Catholic wedding on a budget of 50,000 pesos? Yes, we did. Our original plan was to have a civil wedding, but after reading some wedding forums, I discovered that there is a wedding rite for Catholic weddings where you can have a church ceremony without an entourage, just the ceremony itself.

To give you some background, when my husband and I decided to have a simple wedding, we tentatively booked our chosen dates at Manila Cathedral. Manila Cathedral offers wedding rites for as low as 5,000 pesos, but the ceremony will not be held at the main altar. This was fine with us since we only had a few guests. Unfortunately, we missed the seminar because we had to work on the scheduled day, and they only notified us a day in advance. So, we let go of Manila Cathedral and booked the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in MBS, Caloocan City. I was baptized in this church along with my siblings, so it's close to my heart. Another reason we chose this church is that they offer wedding rites ceremonies, which not all parishes do. I tried inquiring at other churches, but they only offered complete packages. So, I suggest you check with your local parish near your place. They might be offering wedding rites.

Another thing to note is that we only had 20 guests, including the photographer and his assistant. We didn't have a program after the ceremony; we went straight to the venue to eat. It really comes down to you and your husband and what you want for your wedding. After all, it's all about what you really want and what suits your personality.

Below is the complete list of expenses we had:


Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, MBS, Caloocan City

Provenciano Restaurant

Wedding Cake sponsored by my Brother


Wedding Expenses in Philippine pesos:

Church- 3000
Nso- 200 each
Cenomar - 215 each
Baptismal A- 100
                    I- 50
Kumpil- 600 each (1200)
Marriage license- 1500
Dress 2200
Polo- 900
Ring- 2550
Provenciano restaurant-15000
Photo- 5000
Dress- 1995
Cocoon hotel- 6300
Van- 3000
Tin can w/ bag- 998
Chocolate- 369
Candy- 105
Curling iron- 700
Shoes- 400
Bouquet- 550
Earrings- 395
TheSpa- 4895

Total: 52,777

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Nobu Hotel (November 2018)

Staff are friendly and approachable we had a pool-view room which is highly recommended since the view is stunning especially at night.Take note that the hotel lobby is along casino so the entire hall smelled cigarette.

And since we're celebrating wedding anniversary they gave as a complimentary cake and a sweet note. We really appreciated the sweet gesture.

Monday, May 4, 2020

How Are You?

It's been almost two month since Community quarantine started, well, my daily activities doesn't really change from what I do everyday except for the fact the we are complete here in the house together with my husband who now work from home from the mean time. I just noticed that we eat a lot and consumed more foods from the usual day.

Also reading newsfeed in social media is really draining and just giving me anxiety so as much as possible I refrain reading news I just watch news for few minutes then do something else like readintg story in wattpad, playing with my kid and husband or watch random videos in YouTube.

I just hope that this pandemic will end soon since many families are affected specially those people who depends in daily wages. I also hope that you also doing fine. Stay at home and keep safe.

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

5 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Do

Bored? Are you looking for something to do inside the four corner of your house? Then maybe you have to do this for a change.

  1. Delete and unsubscribe to unimportant emails- maybe your inbox has already a thousand of email that you didn't bother to open for years. Or a spam of  emails that doesn't interest you. This is the best time to unsubscribe and delete those pile of emails.
  2. Write down and save all your password in a notebook - I know some people saving their password on phone. But I think it's much safer if you have hard copy too in case your computer or mobile phone can't be access.
  3. Read books from different Genre - Not into Rom-com? Why not try to read for a change. Sometimes we didn't know we enjoyed reading it without giving it a try.
  4. Re-arrange your bedroom- Have you ever sleep right next to the window for the past three years? Why not change the position of bed and furniture in your room it's not only practical but also therapeutics since you will see what to improved once you organize the clutter.
  5. Watch Documentaries- Documentaries are eye opener and has inspirational value.