Sunday, October 2, 2022

KONSULTAMD (Mental Health Support)

 I just want to share where I consult whenever my anxiety attack or if I just want someone to listen to me aside from my husband since I don't  want him to burden with my problem and worries though I share my problem to him I don't want to it frequently.

(Photo from KONSULTAMD Facebook)

(Photo from KONSULTAMD Facebook)

Good thing Konsulta MD has a chat option for Mental Health Consultation it was a big help. Konsulta MD is my go to everytime I need medical consultation. They offer package so check it out and download the app.

The only downside is if you want  a reply asap  it will takes a minute there's a 10 min interval in chat maybe avail the video consultation option so you can have the conversation with the psychologist right away. If you are like me that prefer a chat then this one is good for you since not all people is comfortable even in video call I remember my other session with another provider I put in the remarks that I prefer a chat but the psychologist insist that I should show my face so even I don't want to I don't have a choice. The psychologist speak in english even I speak in filipino she answer me in english I begin to felt awkard because I can express myself freely if I speak in filipino.

That's why even they email me for the second session I decided to end it.

For more information about Konsulta MD visit their official fanpage in facebook or download the app in Google Play or Apple Play store.