Thursday, March 30, 2023

DIY Shoemaking Workshop by Munting Sapatero

Last February 11, 2023 my son attended Shoemaking workshop by Munting Sapatero. I have been following Munting Sapatero page since last year because of their shoemaking DIY kit and they also held a private workshop. That's why when they announced that they will be having a shoemaking workshop this year I didn't hesitate to let Tariel joined. And the face to face workshop suited him since he's thriving when he is with other kids.

The workshop held in Taty Manila in Marikina City from Novaliches we ride a Grab car since we are not familiar of the area but it happens that the place is accessible to public transport.

The kit contain history of Marikina shoe industry, leathers, contact cement, scissors and facemask. Ms. Honey Leal who is also the owner facilitate the workshop by explaining step by step process that easily follow by the kids. Also explaining the brief history of Marikina shoe industry and why the owner of Munting Sapatero started making DIY kit is to introduce in to the younger generation.

Taty is a creative space and they offer other workshops check their facebook page for more info.