Saturday, September 15, 2012

Zip and Zap 1st Birthday

Call me crazy but we celebrated  Zip and Zap 1st Birthday Party and at the same time my thanks giving party after my 5 days confinement in the hospital i love the preparation it's like preparing a birthday for your kids. :) we choose Angry Bird Theme because their cake is angry bird and the rest follow.

A for Angry Cakes by Goldilocks

Zap love party but it seems that Zip is not comfortable.

Whiskas their all time Favorite

Our Menu:

Angry Bird Cake by Goldilocks
Rellenong Bangus
Puto with Butter by Goldilocks
Leche Plan
Angry Bird Sunkist Juice

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Systemic Viral Illness

I have been confined for five days at Novaliches General Hospital last August, at first i was diagnosed Dengue fever stage 1 then later on after another test the doctor said that my platelet count was normal so they performed the test again but now it's for determining whether it's a typhoid fever but again the result was negative. The final diagnosed was Systemic Viral Illness or Influenza but the symptoms that i experience was far difference.
what i hate is the doctor diagnosed me dengue fever then later on telling us that it's not dengue since my platelet count was normal. I was wtf?? it's like "hindi pala dengue kasi ok naman platelet count mo" so they were unsure what my illness is anyway i know they just based their diagnosis through laboratory test. and they just given me Paracetamol for 2 days and my temperature didn't change from 39C to 40C and i was complaining for headache and i vomit every minute if i didn't said that " wala po bang gamot para sa suka masakit na lalamunan ko kakasuka", then the nurse give me metoclopramide and KCL (since they said that my potassium level was too low because i vomit), omeprazole was also injected to me.

Good thing my fever went back to normal, and i decided to home and recover there. though the doctor want me to stay there for one day but i refuse. anyway another reason why i want to go home is i can't sleep on that hospital.

I will continue my post later. :)

my hand

my room

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Farewell Multiply

Farewell multiply thanks for the past 8 years, i didn't see it coming even though you change from social network into a online selling site until now i still upload some of my photos and keep it all, though i know i could backup all of the photos and can even upload it to my facebook account but i still choose you it will be painstaking to me to download all of the photos. You remind me of friendster, i hope that it would not happen to facebook, well change is the only constant thing in this world.Until next time Multiply!