Monday, March 17, 2014

Pacific Waves Inn Annex (Baler) Review

On our Second day we check out in Costa Pacifica Baler and transfer to much Affordable inn and that’s the Pacific Waves Inn Annex a walking distance to the beach compare to pacific waves main but we don’t mind we arrived at 12:30 PM a personnel in charge ask us for a copy of confirmation email.

It’s hard to find an affordable Inn around baler since all of them are fully booked good thing that when I asked Pacific waves Main they told us that Annex has still have an available room that’s why we don’t think twice we contact Pacific waves Annex and  told them to reserve us.

 (Our Room)

(Best for Solo traveler and Couples)

(House Rule & Reminders)

We were assign at Room#2 and it’s enough for us since the room is good for solo or two person, a caretaker told us that the check in time is 1:00 pm (or 2:00pm) which I can’t remember and they will charged additionally since we already open the air con but B told them that we were going to check out earlier which is 3:30 am in midnight and most of the time we were out I’m glad that she allowed us.

There is no toiletries provided but you can buy from them you can also request a towel which is free of charge.

Our Room has an A/C with LCD TV, Hot and Cold Shower. And that’s only for 1500PHP
If you’re in Budget and a Backpacker choose this Pacific Waves Inn they have a clean,modest room and a accommodating staff even I texted at night they still answer my queries.

When we check out they even thank us through text and we highly appreciated it.

(Thank you Message)


Purok 2, Brgy. Sabang
3200 Baler, Aurora

DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid review, and all based on our experience.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

ticking off Checklist

It's been a month since i last post here :) i just want to share how much i love my first 2 months of 2014 i didn't expect that some of my wishlist will be done as early this year :) so much blessings to thanks for i really do believe that writing your hopes and dream will come true of course as long that you also do your part so here i am ticking off my checklist.

1. Clear Skin
     As i post last November i'm battling against my pimple, i even bought anti-acne products but nothing happen that's why i consult a new derma and i'm glad i switch my skin is much better now no shouting breakout :)

2. Teeth Braces
   One of my biggest goal since high school i thought it will be done next year :) but hey! i have braces now to fix my crooked teeth in left side :) i know it will take a years but i never mind.

3. 52 week Challenge
    I started last January i'm glad that i didn't miss saving for this so i can have money at the end of the year, aside from my monthly savings in the bank i put my 52 week challenge in a jar and deposit it every end of the month.

I have a long list on my bucket list and i have more way to go just enjoy the moment and you will never know that some of them is already happening.