Friday, September 30, 2016

View Park Hotel Tagaytay Staycation (April 2016)

Tagaytay is very close to my heart, B and I been here so many times. So, when my mom decided to have a quick vacation, Tagaytay is the first thing that come out on my mind, actually my mom prefer Baguio for a change but I was recently given birth and a long travel is very exhausted for me.

Aside from that Tyrus is just one month so maybe we will visit Baguio next time when Tyrus can appreciate the beauty of that place.

I suggested View Park Hotel since it was just across Picnic Grove and my mom hasn't been there although it's her second time in Tagaytay. Aside from that it was a commuter friendly hotel if you don't have a car then this one is for you. 

View Park Hotel - According to tripadvisor it was top 5 hotel in tagaytay. I find them room rates affordable and accessible because they are just along highway.

Two days before when we decided to booked,my mom said that we will just walk in but I said that there is a  possibility that the hotel is fully booked. But during that time my internet connection sucks! as we don't have connection for four days so I decided to text them, good thing they called me to confirmed my booking, I love how they treat their customer.

We booked two Deluxe room, but I suggest you booked their Premiere room 'cause it's look much cozier. See below for some snapshot.

 (Our room)

(Obligatory shot in bed)


(Clean toilet)

(Snack Bar)


( I love the view!)

(Surprise! Thank you! View Park Hotel!)

You can visit their website at for more information and promos.