Monday, January 18, 2016

New Challenge for 2016

My 2015 is like a roller coaster ride i received a lots of blessings from the first quarter of the year. And had a bad one at the last quarter 'cause my grandmother passed away last November, ten days after my wedding. Actually until now I can't believed that lula (yes, that how we called her) leave us. I wish she was here so she can see my baby T. Yes, I'm pregnant and we found out that last July 2015.

(July 2015)

B and I have been together for 12 years imagined if  we already have a child back then he or she is already 12 years old today. I'm excited and nervous when I found out that I'm pregnant, I can't believe that I will become a Mom, as of today I'm on my 31 weeks (7 months).

(November 2015)

Had a simple church wedding last November 2015, good thing that my grandmother witness my union here, (Trivia: I was Baptized here, my first communion was also done here.)

I know that his 2016 will be a new challenge for me and my husband but whatever It takes, I know we can do it because we have guidance from God Above.


Today is my Husband birthday :)