Sunday, August 19, 2012

Unplanned Overnight at Tagaytay

Actually our plan is to have a day tour in tagaytay, unfortunately because of heavy rains and it was 4:30 when we arrived in olivarez, our first stop was picnic grove but it was foggy and slippery and the picnic grove will close at 5:00 , after the quick stroll we walk along calamba road highway to look for a budget lodging house, until we found this 5r Rooms for Rent we got their standard fan room for 1000 pesos which is already cheap since all the hotels around the area are fully booked.


Still smiling.

They doesn't have a restaurant so we called Jollibee for food deliver. the room was clean it has a veranda but the veranda is a common area where in the other guest can cross to our room if the room was not lock. They have wi-fi but it can't reach our room, another thing their shower doesn't have a hot or cold options so borrow the generic dipping heater.

We will definitely back in tagaytay but better to booked advanced in a Cozy posh hotel for better experience. our rating for this hotel is 6 out of 10.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nature's way Aromatheraphy Spa

Yesterday was another great day! (Aug 5) as we experience Royal Traditional Couple Spa at Nature's Way Aromatherapy Spa we avail their Traditional Couple Spa for 1,200 pesos package include

  • steam bath
  • VIP room
  • shiatsu or Swedish massage
  • coffee or tea

I find the massage very relaxing but you can hear another people on the other side since it was just a divider. you can even hear their employee laughing out loud outside the hallway that's why our masseuse keep on warning them. after the massage they advise us to relax for 10 minutes they didn't offer a coffee or tea which is included in the package, we did not remind them since i think it's their obligation to offer that to us. over all my rate is 7out of 10.


(happy after the Massage)

2nd Level
Health & Wellness Zone,
Main Building near Cinema,
SM City Fairview,
Regalado Ave. Fairview,
Quezon City
Tel. No 417-4474