Friday, June 24, 2016

Tariel first Event

Hi! I'm back I really want to post a new entry but because of my new role ehem! *Mommy*, I had to sort some things. Imagined i wake up as early as 3:30 AM because of my work *sigh, anyway were busy now because in 2 weeks time Tariel will have his first ever event and that his Baptism. We've been planning this since Tariel has arrived,but daddy B wants to baptized Tariel when he become 1 year old. Pero sabi ko mas mabuti ng mas maaga para baby sya, Afterall we can celebrate a simple first birthday if we want and parang mas bet ko ang mag travel sa first birthday nya haha! 

We already booked half of his supplier, And I can't hide my excitement while planning though I'm not into party, Hindi kasi ako sanay and hindi naman kami every year nagpapa party. But I'm looking forward how will the party look like. So, I started browsing pinterest for the ideas and guess what? It's so overwhelming and overflowing of ideas. As of now the motif color will be Blue, Yellow and white we incorporate the yellow color since Tariel favorite character is Spongebob he was giggle every time we showed a spongebob item to him. My Mom suggest to make it a Spongebob theme party but I don't want since it's like were celebrating his first birthday, I said save it na lang for his first birthday.

And then I decided to Make it a Angel theme since he is a Angel for us. Below is my DIY save the date which I made thru canva.

I know I shouldn't focus on the party, what important is he will be blessed.

Will post about the party here soon.