Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sweet February

Last Thursday Feb 14, 2013, i didn't expect (well kinda!) that b will surprise me with red  roses bouquet after my work, b's waiting outside the store. that day b and i have a small argue so i dint expect he will do something like this and in fact we don't celebrate valentines so i was happy :) and speechless.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fitness Madness

Recently i added a fitness application on my android phone it has a calorie counter and daily log for daily exercise, it's not my new year resolution to become fit since i really don't like making promises and resolution. anyway the apps that i download is NOOM i thank this application since it reminds me to log my food intake in that way i can check how much  calorie intake i had for that day it also remind me to start workout. I've done running, walking, aerobics, dancing and even a basic Zumba.

I weigh 115 lbs july 2011 and guess what 100 lbs  for the month of October 2012. this year i work for my abs :)

July 2011

October 2012

I will post my progress here soon.