Sunday, November 3, 2013

Anti Pimple Battle Begin

Since high school pimple is my main problem i tried different products suggested by my friends but nothing change when i stepped in college pimple is still there i tried having anti-pimple facial from different dermatology clinic but it just give me a temporary result after a month pimple got alive again. When i graduated in college pimple stop for one year the marks are still there so i just use lightening products i thought everything will be okay since i already stepped out in puberty stage. but i was wrong when i started working pimple start to show up again and it's annoying since it affects my job as Pharmacist and i should portray a neat and clean image i remember someone told me before i was not a pharmacist ''pharmacy student ka pero ganyan mukha mo?'' (''you're a pharmacy student and you're face is like that?''). 

It's a harsh comment that i wouldn't forget, that's why when my pimples start to appear again visible in my face I visit a dermatologist in a well known clinic but she just gave me a products glycolic creams, sunscreen cream and a whitening soap she even injected my cystic pimple and prescibed me an antiobiotic that i take for 2 weeks, my face improved but again temporarily for two months. I tried lot's of products from PONDS, Neutrogena Acne Prone Soap, Clean & Clear, Oilatum bar,Kojic soap(kojiesan),Garnier, Celeteque  and panoxyl gel.

I started change my regimen and lifestyle i drink one cup of coffee a day and i change my bed sheet and pillows every week  i avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. and now i bought PanOxyl Soap free Cleanser and Benzac (Benzoyl Peroxide) 5% which is available in Mercury Drugstore, Watsons Pharmacy and other leading drugstore nationwide.

Today will be the start of my regimen i will post my review and improvement after 3 weeks or after 30 days :)

( PanOxyl Liquid Cleanser 60 ml PHP 224)

 (Benzac AC Gel 5% PHP 285)