Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Staycation: Novotel Araneta

Last November 2016 B and I celebrated our first wedding Anniversary at Novotel Araneta. We decided to have a staycation in Quezon City since we have to back at work after the weekend.

I booked Novotel via Booking.com so far check in the hotel is no fuss. But, what I notice is they don't offer us to bring our bag into the room, though it's not a big deal since the bag are all hand carry. Another reason why we choose to stay here is the restaurant and the mall are just near.

(View from our room)


                             (Snack bar)

An overnight stay is not bad, they even surprised us a little token since it's our first wedding anniversary, I never thought they would really read the note I put on my confirmation letter. I really have a good sleep in their bed. Breakfast buffet is overwhelming because of many food to choose from. We will definitely back here!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

How to Make a No-Bake Fudgee Barr Cake

So, I got this recipe in Facebook, this is so easy! First you have to ready the ingredients

Ingredients: (I don't have the measure but this one is good for 10 serving)

2 Pack of Alaska Crema (All purpose cream) (Actually you can use one pack)
2 pack of Cream-O ( you can use Oreo if you want)
1 can of F&N Condensed milk
1 Pack of Fudgee Bar (Dark Chocolate)

Total cost: PHP 224

 Mix Condensed milk and Alaska crema all purpose cream.

Place the fudgee barr in the container (Tips: To make a double layer, Chill the fudgee barr for 1 hour then sliced it to the middle)

Pour the Mix condensed milk and alaska crema, then crashed the cream-o then put it on the top.
Then repeat the steps.

Chilled for four hours.

And voila! serve it! :)