Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nail-a-holics experience

As we search for a good foot spa salon we visit Nail a holics spa at SM City Fairview and we tried their Huntington beach therapeutic foot reflexology it's 360 pesos for 45 minutes we even added another 300 pesos for foot spa since the receptionist suggest the foot spa but nothing spectacular in this foot reflexology and i find it expensive :( foot spa with no pedicure for 300 pesos??, i even saw the sign near the entrance area that they have free back and foot massage if you avail a 500 worth of service from them and we even spend almost 600 pesos but their therapist didn't even offer that to us sigh.., b, didn't even enjoy the massage since the therapist exert too much pressure even we asked her to lessen it. Nail-a-holics spa has a nice ambiance and interior but we are after in the "service" afterall better luck next time until next Foot Spa salon hunting.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Body Tune Traditonal Thai Massage

I want to share my first experience in Body massage together with b, I've been fascinated about massage and i heard lot's of good benefits of it, that's why when i saw Body Tune Traditional Thai Massage in SM Fairview i didn't hesitate and i told b to give it a try, the receptionist are accommodating and she answer all our question she even told us that the couple room are subject to availability, but then she confirm from a massage therapist that the couple's room are available. We choose Swedish Massage i don't know what's the difference between Swedish and Shiatsu i know the receptionist explain it to us but i almost forgot :) anyway i don't care since it was our first time to try Body Massage.

The Massage therapist escorted us to sauna, and yes this is also my first to experienced the sauna 'thingy' it last for 15 minutes b, cannot endure the heat coming from the hot stone:) it's suffocating according to him after that we take a shower i don't know if it's right to have a shower after sauna. they gave us the toiletries and then voila! after the shower the massage started.

The Couple's Room are small actually it was divided nothing specially in a room it was dim light and has a small locker in a corner, as for the massage since it was our first time i can't compare it with other but massage is relaxing they even asked us if the pressure is okay the oils are not sticky, after that they offer a tea or coffee together with an envelope with their name we gave them a reasonable tip :)

(hagardo versoza ang peg!)

I rate them 9 out of 10 :) like what i said to b if all personnel are accommodating and the massage is okay then we will back to them.

Body Tune Traditional Thai Massage
SM Fairview 4th floor

Friday, July 6, 2012

City Buffet

Another nomnom treat day! with b and i at City Buffet SM City Fairview.

I love City Buffet Interior classy and warming even their crew.
 i love the set of food (Filipino Cuisine, Japanese Cuisine,and Korean Cuisine) i just can't get enough and i want go back here with my family. below are some of my snapshots inside city buffet.

(Fancy Chandelier)

 ( Desserts)