Monday, April 25, 2016

The First time Mommy Journey

I never thought that being a Mom will be as crazy as this

 (Just kidding!) Anyway last March 10, 2016 i gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy name T in Pacific Global Medical Center.

It was roller coaster ride I was admitted March 9, 2016 it was an induced labor since my Amniotic fluid is low but suddenly my cervix is not improving and stuck in 7 cm. That's why my OB decided to perform emergency CS and the rest is history.

Before i gave birth i received and read advise regarding being a first time mom, they said that I will no longer have a fancy sleep like I did before i give birth and that's true.

Anyway here's the summary of my journey.

  • T is exclusively breastfed and I'm glad that my OB and Tariel Pediatrician is a Breastfeed Advocate.
  • Newborn pee and poops every after i breastfeed and i think it's depends for some. But they poops as often so you have to ready a bunch of Newborn diaper.
  • You have to be aware of his need whether he need to be fed, maybe his tummy is aching or simply he just need cuddle from you.
  • You prioritize his need. 

I know that I have to learn more on how to properly care new born, I am not an expert of course because I'm a first time mom and even you googled for some tips, experience is still the best teacher.