Sunday, April 20, 2014

Financial literacy

Part of my 2014 goal is to invest in instruments wherein I understand that’s why I read some books, joined financial forum, email some financial advisors which offer free advice, watch back episodes of pesos and sense and ANC on the Money, and even attend seminars.  Way back in 2011 which is I was unemployed my bf tag along me in a free seminar conducted by IMG I learned a lot in that seminar but I didn’t invest in any Investment Instruments while my bf started invested in stocks J

Maybe because I’m not  getting younger  and I see some old people still working with no investment back up I decided to change the way I spend and fixed my cash flow, my emergency fund is still on work and I’m planning to invest in mutual fund for my long term goal. Recently B & I attend a seminar which is conducted by Aya Laraya.

*( Make your Money Grow Seminar (April 5, 2014) )

(Books that i read)

Financial literacy is not something you can learn from school because no one will teach us how we start to fix our cash flow, manage debt and etc. I think this is something that we must be learn by ourselves.

*Photo grabbed from pesos and sense facebook account.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Costa Pacifica Baler Review (11th year Anniversary)

It’s our anniversary again and our annual vacation take us to Baler dubbed as Sleepy Town up north. we booked at Costa Pacifica Baler the 4 star hotel of baler we love the Luxe feeling of this hotel we felt that we were a VIP's. B and I took Joy Bus to get there an executive couch bus wherein they offer snacks, blanket, toilet and an attendant on board. We arrive 7:00 am in Baler Town and a shuttle from Costa Pacifica hotel is already there I think they really expect that there is a guest arriving.


 What we really love is the staff are very welcoming they smile all the time. We arrived 7:00 am a shuttle of Costa Pacifica was already there to fetch hotel guest as we arrived at Costa Pacifica we noticed how inviting and cozy the reception lobby that they had. We never thought that they will allowed us to check in as early as 7:30 am since the check in time is 2:00 pm we were delightful since it means we have an additional hour to enjoy our room and take a rest from a long drive hour from manila after filling up the form a hotel staff named Wilson ushered us to our room he bring all bags that we have our room is in Casa de bahia which is a few steps across the main hotel.

Casa de Bahia

The Room has an all white paint and has a minimalist interior which has a relaxing vibe with complete toiletries and an ample snacks in mini bar but we don’t have closet in our room that’s why we put our stuff in a long bench just beside our bed we also don’t have a table since we order in Beach house and deliver it to our room. I suggest that they should have a closet and a mini table inside the room so that we wouldn't end up eating at the bed.

(snack bar)

Beach House restaurant:
Is the only restaurant in this hotel they offer buffet and ala carte and even some booze, we tried their Asian Buffet for dinner and they had a wide range of cuisine to choose from. Even their breakfast buffet is superb but the coffee is requested separately.

Beach house

(no need to use filter)


Were really into massage specially me that’s why b contacted the receptionist if we could set an appointment at 10:00pm. The Masseur’s are on time they asked us first what oil we would like and I choose lemon grass with green tea, it will be our first time to have a massage in bed without a facehole, the massage ore ok it’s a typical ‘’Pinoy hilot with tangal lamig’’ but after a minute I feel uncomfortable since I have to changed the position of my head I thought I’m going to have a stiff neck I hope that they will have a face hole and MP3 for sounds since it’s too quiet and I suggest that they will also have a massage room secluded over all the massage is great after that we have good night sleep.

We love this hotel and this is highly recommended despite the fact that it much costly compare to the other hotel along sabang beach . B and i enjoy each moment that we were there.

Date Travel: March 2014
Total Damage: 15k+ + +  ( 2 nights and 3 days for whole baler trip take note that we only stay 1 night at costa pacifica  )

How to get there:

 We book at Genesis Joy Bus an executive couch with a nonstop drive in manila to Baler with toilet available inside the bus and a snack, bottled water and a blanket since it was too cold and it will only takes 5 hours with only 700 PHP.


Address: 080 Buton St., Sitio Labasin, Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora, Philippines, 3200