Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweet Remembering

Look! What I found, my Autographs (or better known as Slam Note)when I was in Grade school and high school.

This is my Autograph when I was in Grade 4

What to do if you have autograph? The trend is you must encourage your friends and classmate to sign in your autograph; I like autographs because it’s more personal and it is handwritten, and as long as I remember before the school year end everybody has autograph and each of us sign and leave a personal message to each other.

Here’s my 1st year High school Autograph and personal messages from my classmate.

“PEARL” is my alias that’s why some of them call me pearl instead of irish, I don’t know if autographs is still use nowadays since social networking sites is the new trend in this generation.I remember when the Friendster Era has just started "testimonial" is the "in" during that time each of us exchanging our account, we upload photos then leave each other testimonial.

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