Saturday, July 3, 2010

Facebook and Email Add

The Facebook

I wish that Facebook will be like Multiply why? Because I hate some people who added me without saying “hi” or “hello” and they fall under FRIENDS category but the truth is not.

Multiply is more personal you can say who really they are like “online buddies”, “classmates”,”business partner” although in facebook you can make a friend list and you can categorize them like I have some contacts who added me because of sorority life then I categorize them under Sorority life Friends.

I’m not comparing them they are both good and I know if Facebook copy what Multiply has then it is no longer the facebook. I love them both :)

My Email Add

And my email add is full of unread messages I seldom open my email add any way I manage 5 of them I realize that I should open my email add first before anything else imagine I have 1100 unread messages and it is not easy to delete them all I have to read them first.

How to make your Email add manageable: (I made this for me :) but you can copy if you want)

1. Unsubscribe for e-newsletter especially if you don’t really read them

2. Manage notifications from social networking site, Like facebook from account setting>click notification> then personalize it if you don’t want to be notify via email then uncheck it.

3. Make a separate email add for work, social networking site, groups and personal email add.

4 .Make sure that the Spam box is working

5. And always check your email add have time to read them.

I hope that this tip will be a big help to you guys :) feel free to leave a comment.


  1. Ang email ko nakafilter para before ko pa buksan ang mails ko eh segregated na siya agad... hehehehehe...

  2. i open my mail everyday. tapos lahat ng FB notifications nasa SPAM na lahat para hindi agaw space sa mga binabasa ko talaga na mail. it helps.

  3. @xprosaic haha.. nakalimutan ko mag-filter sige gagawin ko yan

    @apolwapol oo nga noh? mas maganda kung nasa SPAM yng FB notifications