Thursday, October 7, 2010

Google Adwords Voucher

Yesterday, i receive a mail from Google i was wondering what it is, I thought it was an acknowledge letter telling me i was ban or something, in my surprise it was a voucher worth 1,500 telling me i should open it before September 30, or else it will decrease to 1000, anyway yesterday is October 6 so imagine that and it will expires on October 15.:P


  1. sis, question, where can you use the voucher? can you encash it? heheh! just wondering. And congratulations :)

  2. ^sis you can use it for advertising your site :)kaso lampas sept. 30 na sya so 1000 na lang worth nya :)

  3. I also got the same. I thought Google was already encashing my revenue from Google Ads, haha. Wish. I only got a few $ in there.