Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Zaphira Spa

Part of our Travel Bucket list is to try signature spa in a specific place like what we did before in sonya's garden.

This time we tried Signature Zaphira Massage at Thunderbird Resort-Rizal, Zaphira Spa. we choose to have massage outdoor which is very relaxing and the sound of waterfall makes us feel safe and sound.
First you have to book an appointment at hotel front desk which b and i almost forgot we got the 12 midnight slot since it was fully booked they let us choose whether to have an in-room massage or done it outside they have a secluded area for massage with white drapes and waterfalls backdrop it also have mini pond.

Zaphira Spa Waiting Area

water falls back drop

water fall back drop

We highly recommended this place the therapist are very accommodating the pressure of massage is exactly what i really like it's not hard neither soft, we rate them 10/10 the price worth it and almost exceeded our expectation they deserve a reasonable tip. It makes us decided to try zaphira spa at Thunderbird Resort Poro Point.

List of Service.

Thunderbird Resorts – Rizal
Eastridge Avenue
Binangonan, Rizal,
Philippines 1940
T: (+63 2) 651.6888
F: (632) 651.3893
E: rizalreservations@thunderbird-asia.com


  1. Looks like you really had a great time. I'm not a spa person and not into getting massages, but I'm sure my parents will love this. Thanks for the gift idea. Perfect for the coming holidays. :)

  2. I really need a spa right now. After all the stresses in my Finals, I need a relaxation. And this is a great way. Love the place.

    Ashley xx

  3. I really need this one seems very relaxing... hmmm... need to find the proper schedule.

  4. I am not a massage type of person but my wife is. I might just surprise her with this. Thanks.

  5. I remember going to a Thai massage some years ago, I was very excited. When the massage was over I swore never to come back. I had stiff neck after the massage.

  6. I love going to spas (just came from one right now) and this one looks beautiful and relaxing. Ang layo lang. Will definitely try to go there one of these days. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

  7. Wow, I would love to go to a spa right now. Haha! We haven't been to any Thunderbird resort yet. But this one looks really nice. A massage outdoors sounds divine!

  8. Not really a massage type of guy, but sometimes I do really need this. Well, your word here is already considered for me to decide whether I'll push this or not. Haha!

  9. I'm a spa addict! I'll take note of this if ever we'll visit Thunderbird in the future! :)

  10. I love going to spas, too. I hope to have a chance to visit Thunderbird in the future.