Sunday, May 5, 2013

DIY: Legazpi City Tour

In a short notice and time i decided to go in Legazpi City and see the perfect cone face to face, b was hesitant at first but then he can't resist me, what's on my mind is a budget travel later on i will post all the expenses we had.

FARE: so first i secured the plane ticket we booked Zestair which is known to have a cheapest rate when it comes to airline we are hesitant because i read some bad reviews like late and cancelled flights but we are so lucky that MNL-LGP zestair are on time :) (anyway it was my first time to ride in a plane :) i've been in a Passenger Ship, Bus and RORO). another thing is we are seated were we can view the the perfect Mayon Cone.
Anyway we decided to try bus going back to manila, but i think much way better if you ride a plane it will only takes 30 min.

View from the top

ACCOMMODATION: A separate blog post and review can be view here. Not a hotel but a condotel which is clean and affordable.

TOURIST SPOT:  Our first stop is at Gaisano Mall of course after we leave our backpacks at Pinehurst. 
we want to try the Chili Ice cream at 1st Colonial Grill we actually love their tinapa rice which is our first time to taste. Chili Ice cream is sweet but has a stingy chili after taste!

Chili Ice cream

Lignon Hill:

I like this hill compare to People's Park in tagaytay, it was well maintained, regular joggers are free to enter, b and i just walk from the entrance up to the top it was a victory when we reach the top area.

Albay Parks & Wildlife:

It's not a part of our random itinerary but it was just beside the lignon hill so we still visit the park it was small but clean. 


Night party goers will love this place, restaurant, dine strips and mall in one. 

Biggs Diner:

Known as a local Mcdo and Jollibee in Bicol are we're happy to taste their local burger.

Cagsawa Ruins:

The Famous Cagsawa Ruins and Mayon at the backdrop.

Small talk cafe:

I love the ambiance of this cafe the only glitches is not all written in the menu is available.


3 days & 2 nights

Fare- 3551.22 (one way via Zestair MNL-LGP)
          1510      (LGP-MNL)
Accommodation- 2400 pinehurst through for 2 nights
1st colonial- 417
Lignon hill entrance- 20/each
Albay park Wildlife- 20/each
Biggs Diner- 306
Small Talk Cafe- 373
Souvenir- 190, 120

How we make our Legazpi tour in reality, i just search online, read blogs and forums too we don't even need the help of Tour agent. and also look for piso or promo fare of airlines.


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