Sunday, December 8, 2013

Belle de Jour Power Planner 2014

Finally! my BDJ Planner 2014 has finally arrived last december 1, despite the fact that i can take a note in my smartphone i still choose to purchase the bdj planner i know it's too girly :) but i really like it i had mine customized and i love seeing my name in front.

Yes i do have planners since i was high school but it's a on-off relationship but i do make sure that i use it all below is the glimpse of my planners i use before.

what i love in BDJ planner is it has everything that what a go to girl needs it has a Dream Board, 2014 checklist, Goals list, events tracker, menstrual tracker ( which i always note in my phone), Bills and Cash flow tracker and many more! but what i really love is the coupons because i know i can use half of them :) being organized is not bad and taking notes of important things will help you finish your errands.

I'm excited on what year 2014 brings :)

Belle de Jour Lifestyle card


  1. I want one too! This is not an ordinary planner but it is indeed loaded of coupons, tips, trackers etc.,
    Love it <3

  2. ohhhh i'm so jelly!!! I want one too :(

  3. that's a very nice planner.. what every girl needs! I am a planner person but I usually use old notebooks and such.. nanghihinayang ako magsulat pag ang ganda ng planner haha

  4. BDJ planner looks really Chic. It's also a great gift for ladies on the go!

  5. Never had one but I heard this planner's a great deal not to mention the vouchers it has inside, the different sections or "borad" as what they call it, right? All theb est for 2014! :)