Sunday, March 2, 2014

ticking off Checklist

It's been a month since i last post here :) i just want to share how much i love my first 2 months of 2014 i didn't expect that some of my wishlist will be done as early this year :) so much blessings to thanks for i really do believe that writing your hopes and dream will come true of course as long that you also do your part so here i am ticking off my checklist.

1. Clear Skin
     As i post last November i'm battling against my pimple, i even bought anti-acne products but nothing happen that's why i consult a new derma and i'm glad i switch my skin is much better now no shouting breakout :)

2. Teeth Braces
   One of my biggest goal since high school i thought it will be done next year :) but hey! i have braces now to fix my crooked teeth in left side :) i know it will take a years but i never mind.

3. 52 week Challenge
    I started last January i'm glad that i didn't miss saving for this so i can have money at the end of the year, aside from my monthly savings in the bank i put my 52 week challenge in a jar and deposit it every end of the month.

I have a long list on my bucket list and i have more way to go just enjoy the moment and you will never know that some of them is already happening.

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