Saturday, May 20, 2017

Flying solo with a baby (Essential tips and Reminders)

Last February my husband was assigned to trained in Singapore. And we thought that it will be good idea if me and Tariel will follow him since I have worked that time, we just followed him three days after. And to tell you honestly it's not easy and that time Tariel is 10th month old (technically 'cause he celebrate his 11th month in Singapore). Another thing is it was my first time too! So here's my essential tip if you're going to travel alone with a baby.

  1. Diaper bag or Messenger bag - Is a no brainier that you will bring a diaper bag, but I no longer use a diaper bag instead I have a messenger bag with multiple pockets, and I wore it across my body so I can use my two hands. Make sure that all of important things are there. I just put 5 pieces of diaper, baby wipes, alcohol an extra cloth for baby of course a PEN, I.D, and passport for both of you.
  2.  Nursing Cover - I use this entire flight. I bought a formula milk but Tariel is fussy and he wants to nurse at me. And yes! literally until we arrived a Changi airport.
  3. Pacifier and Favorite toys - I bring a pacifier for emergency cases since some babies become fussy in flight. But we didn't use this since Tariel doesn't use a pacifier even before. And also bring a familiar toys for them to entertain.
  4. Stroller/ Car seat- I didn't use either of the two because Tariel is not into stroller. But I think this one is a big help especially if you have multiple bags.
  5. Don't hesitate to ask help- Travelling alone can be exhausting. Don't hesitate to asked help from Flight attendant, security or even the person next to you.

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