Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sonya's Garden Spa

There's was buzz how beautiful Sonya's Garden is, and is indeed true the place was very romantic and has a homey feeling ,situated at alfonso cavite which is still part of tagaytay take a tricycle cab that will takes 15 min rides from the terminal,

Our Massage experience here is not nice and were not going to back here again. We arrived at sonya's garden around 6:50 pm since we stroll around tagaytay, the receptionist was so nice greet us warmly with a smile. told her that we want to avail the Sonya's Signature Spa which is cost 1,800 because we want a couples room, the therapist which name is luz smirk and look uninterested to us, i feel awkward that time when we follow her to the room which is not a couples room since there's a three bed inside, she's just put the sarong and short and never told us what to do next, she's just walk out the room, b and i take a short shower when we went out and she's back she told us ''ano? mam sir? simula na po tayo'' and i told her to wait and then she smirk again she want all things to be in hurry maybe she's tired but i think it's not an excused to treat us that way.

she even told me to wear my slipper right away, she bring a 2 towel and one short but i wear a short then she laughed because the shorts was supposed to be for my bf Merilyn who's also a massage therapist was laughing also anyway we availed their Sonya's signature massage and add 100 for a couples room. Instead of being relax i was angry and dissapointed for the entire session. And they even had thick face to ask a TIP my dear if you don't want your job then resigned i really don't know why they look uninterested it is because my bf and i was their last customers. I love their Garden it's relaxing and romantic but i wouldn't recommend their spa. I feel sorry to the owner who has this kind of employee.

The Tea after the massage.
I still smile :)
(it's because i'm with my bf and i don't want ruin my birthday celebration)

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