Tuesday, October 15, 2013

SkinStation: Underarm Laser Hair Removal

It has been my dream since i was high school to have a smooth and hairless underarm ,i even promised to my self that after my college graduation i will undergo laser hair removal i even inquire in some clinics offering the service back then laser hair removal or known before as IPL (intense pulse light) is expensive. Good thing many clinics offering LHR and through my research IPL is different from LHR (laser hair removal) and even varies base on the machine. Because i saw some clinics posted IPL as permanent hair removal which is wrong because Electrolysis is the only procedure recognize by the FDA to have a permanent laser hair removal and the most expensive procedure.

I choose Skin Station Clinic since they have an affordable package, last july 2013 i availed their 16 month Under arm Diode laser hair removal package which have a 6 weeks interval no plucking and shaving and i really like the results my underarm appearance improve and  hair grow thin and slowly another thing is Skin Station Diode laser hair removal is painless :)

I'm also planning to avail their Underarm whitening program after my session on UA Diode laser hair removal. for more information visit their website.



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  5. An underarm laser hair removal machine? I did not realize that there was such a specialization.

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