Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fernandina Garden Suites

Fernandina Garden Suites Review:

As I celebrate my 26th birthday, I look for a hotel within metro manila that suit our budget, since we want to experience staycation in manila, we found this Fernandina Garden Suites through internet, and they have a 40% off promo for the month of October. It’s a catch that’s why I grab the opportunity and booked them right away. They allowed bringing of foods inside my bf texted them for the confirmation.


Located in G. Araneta avenue accessible to all transportation, you have to take a cab to get in.


I booked a double deluxe room but we were assigned at Standard room, I was about to call their attention but b stop me since a queen size bed is enough for him, he don’t want to ruin my birthday celebration, what I notice is the room has a dust accumulate on the side table, and a cob webs I wonder if they do really check and maintain each room. It has no dining table, and no slippers provided.

Bathroom drain clogged even the lavatory is clogged.
Wi-Fi is password secured ask them for the password.

 (Toiletries in a not so well maintained bathroom)



 ( Cob webs)
 ( Clogged Drain)

Staff & Services:

Maybe one of the reasons why we are assigned at the wrong room it’s because the front desk receptionist didn’t even bother to read the confirmation letter I gave to her, we were assigned right away at room 14. The Complimentary breakfast delivered to our room has only one cup of coffee so I called them to bring another one. What another off to me is the front desk called us to remind us that the check out time is 12:00, we’ve been to different hotel and never experienced this other allowed us to stay for 30 minutes without extra charge, and the front desk called us again ‘’Mam, 12:05 na po’’. It’s totally turn off to think that there’s only few or almost no guest at all aside from us but they want us to leave the place right away upon check out they didn’t even say ‘thank you’ to us.


No garden I thought it was a Bed & Breakfast type of accommodation that’s how tripadvisor classify. It only has a grass and nothing special. It’s far away on how the hotel describes it in their website.


Affordable rates good for those who want a quick stay, I rather get what I pay for like what I said we booked a double deluxe room but we were assigned at standard room. The time is not flexible they don’t promote extending your time to their hotel.

Overall our stay is ruined but i don't mind it at all good thing that my bf is very understandable, it's a wake up call to both of us to thoroughly choose a hotel base on service and not on it's rates. I hope that the FGS management will improve their service.

Fernandina Garden Suites
608 G. Araneta Avenue
Quezon City, Philippines
Phone numbers: (02) 546-5014 and (02) 881-9901
Mobile numbers: (+632) 922-8172610 (+632) 922-8172538


  1. thanks for sharing your experience with them! it's good thing i read this first because I was about to purchase a deal from cashcashpinoy for a 2D1N stay at Fernandina Garden Suites for only P1,075! now I think I'll just let that deal pass :) And btw, Happy Birthday!

    1. wow! P1,075 for 2 days and 1 night it's a deal, i hope that what we experienced is an isolated cases and i hope that they improved their service after all people who booked them deserved to be treated nicely and equally :) thanks!

  2. They should really see your review so they can improve their service further.

  3. Wow, I can't say anything but just a word for that experience: "disgusting." I mean they (people from FGS) should be disgusted from what they offered you. Maybe if your boyfriend wasn't around, you have been all flaring up in front of them and complaining from all the clogged drains, and their failure to maintain their rooms at all.