Sunday, October 26, 2014

4 Travel tips for Couples

If you notice most of my travel post is all about my adventure with my beau so I decided to write four travel tips for the couples like us, some of them are based on my experienced that’s I why I want to share this.

1.  Have a Travel Fund- of course this is important before anything else having a fund will make you feel confident to spend your money just for travel and also to track your budget as earliest as possible you can put it on a separate bank account or a piggy bank label it for example: 15k for Baguio Trip, from that your mind set to budget that amount in your specific trip.

2.  Plan together- of course two of you are involved in this trip so why not plan this together? Delegate a task for example I’m the one in charge for hotel booking and what documents to bring while my boyfriend in charge in itinerary and budgeting.

3.  Pack light- Literally, this is the most common tips for most travelers but this also should be applied to couples. Bring only what necessary so you will not end up focus on the thing that you bring. aside from that you can easily move around.

4.   Enjoy and have fun- don’t sweat small stuff (I’m guilty to this!) cherish your moment together, always remember that you spend vacation to enjoy.


  1. These are great tips, and I think they work well also if you're travelling as a small family (like we do) :)

  2. Thanks so much for these tips! My boyfriend and I are going away soon and I'll definitely be referring to this article!

  3. Great tips Irish! If couple travelling, you really need to plan together to make sure you both like the places you'll visit.

  4. Nice tips :) Those are the things I look forward to on our next travel. I want to travel with my husband only this time. The last time we had our long trip was with my son, a bit stressful on our part.

    1. hi kath! i hope that you find some time to travel just with you husband.

  5. Awh great tips and the pictures are too cute! Loving the pack light part; agree with you tons on that ;)

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  7. ,thanks a lot for sharing this useful post with us, keep it up

  8. Awh great tips and the pictures are too cute...thx for sharing...